Terms and conditions of sale

Terms and conditions of sale


Arrival time between 5PM and 7.30PM (in case of late arrival, please let us know).
Departure time before 11:00 AM


The reservation of the rooms is subject to the payment of a deposit of 50% of the total amount. The payment of the balance is payable on your arrival.

For the booking of the Lodge Nature, the total amount of your stay will be requested at the time of booking.

The payment of a deposit or the total amount of your stay is equivalent to the acceptance of our general terms and conditions of sale below.

Article 1 – Subject

This contract is for the exclusive use of the reservation of a stay at the Etang de la Tourne. The best welcome will be reserved for our guests. The owners commit themselves to ensure your reception with all the desirable attentions allowing to facilitate your stay and the knowledge of the region.

Article 2 – Duration of stay

The signatory customer of this contract concluded for a determined duration will not be able to in no circumstance to prevail himself of any right to the maintenance in the places.

Article 3 – Booking and Conclusion of Contract

The reservation becomes effective as soon as the client has sent the owner a deposit of 50% of the total amount of the price of the stay with a minimum of one night per room retained ( and a deposit of 100% for the reservation of the Lodge) and a copy of the contract or estimate signed before the date indicated on the reservation contract. The second copy of the contract is to be kept by the client. Prices include breakfast and tourist taxes, except for the reservation of the apartment 'Le Granier' for a week or a long stay.

Article 4 – Prices

The rates on www.letangdelatourne.com are per night and include all taxes (except for the room 'Le Granier' for a weekly or long stay reservation). L'étang de la Tourne reserves the right to modify its rates at any time. Only the price shown on the booking form is valid. The services included in the price of the night are indicated in the description of the room or the barrel on www.letangdelatourne.com.

Article 5 – Arrival

The client must arrive on the specified day between 5 PM and 7:30 PM. In case of late or delayed arrival, the client must inform the owner.

Article 6 – Breakfast

Breakfast can be served between 7:30 and 10:00 AM. A margin before this time is accepted, upon request by the client. Breakfast can be served every morning in the dining room or in the garden in summertime, depending on the guests' wishes. The guest of the Lodge will receive a breakfast basket in the morning on the terrace.

In case of allergy or other food intolerance, please let us know the day of your arrival.

Article 7 – Balance payment

The balance is to be paid on arrival at the owners, at the client's initiative.

Consumptions and additional services not mentioned in the contract or the offer will have to be paid at the end of the stay to the owners.

Article 8 – Tourist tax

The visitor's tax is a local tax that the customer must pay to the owner who then pays it to the public treasury. The tourist tax is included in the price, except if you rent the room 'Le Granier' for a week or more.

Article 9 – Use of the place

The customer will have to respect the peaceful character of the place and use it in accordance with its destination. He undertakes to return the rooms in good condition and will have to declare any damage for which he could be responsible and to assume the repairs. It is forbidden to sit on the radiators. The whole house is a non-smoking area, in the common areas and in the rooms. Ashtrays are at your disposal outside. Our private living areas are not accessible to guests. During the week and weekends, the grape harvest can be open during the week and can also start early in the morning.

Article 10 – Capacity

This contract is established for a specific number of people. If the number of guests exceeds this number, the owner is able to refuse additional guests. This refusal can in no case be considered as a modification or a breach of contract at the initiative of the owner, so that in the event of the departure of a number of clients greater than those refused, no refund can be considered.

Article 11 – Civil Liability Insurance

In accordance with the regulations, "L'étang de la Tourne" is insured for professional civil liability with PACIFICA insurance companies. However, the liability of "L'étang de la Tourne" does not replace the individual civil liability of which each participant must be the holder. The renter is responsible for all damage caused by him/her.
On the other hand, the use of the premises and equipment made available outside the rooms or Lodge, is under the personal responsibility of the user. L'étang de la Tourne cannot be held responsible for this.

Article 12 – Cancellation Insurance

We draw your attention to the fact that no cancellation insurance is included in our rates.

Article 13 – Major force insurance 

Storm and natural disaster

Circumstances such as fire, natural disasters, weather conditions, storms, high winds, accidents, technical incidents or other similar events are to be considered as force majeure hypotheses. In this case, the owners will be released from all liability. And no damages and interests, no reimbursement can be claimed from the owners. The tenant will not be able to claim compensation if the cancellation is the consequence of a case of force majeure. By case of force majeure we mean abnormal and unforeseeable circumstances beyond the control of the owners and whose consequences could not have been avoided despite all the diligence deployed (e.g. war, bad weather, fire, flood, natural disasters, death of the owner...).

In the case of the Covid-19, if the area is quarantined, L'étang de la Tourne will try to agree another date of stay with the client. If this is not possible, the total amount of the reservation will be refunded to the client.

Article 14 – Pets

Pets are accepted (one pet maximum per room), subject to payment of a supplement. Pets are allowed, kept on a leash, in the common areas but are not allowed near the swimming pool or the jacuzzi. The pets are not allowed on the sofa or bed, a carpet is provided in the room. Don't leave them alone in the room please. The pet owners are responsible for the good behaviour and cleanliness of their animals. The supplement must be paid on the spot.

Article 15 – Nordic bath or hottub for the Lodge Nature

The Lodge has a private Nordic bath. Please note that a bathing suit is mandatory. Its use remains the responsibility of the guests. The temperature is about 39 degrés in winther. We advise pregnant women, people with cardiovascular problems, diabetes and any other health problem to seek medical advice before using the Nordic bath. 

Article 16 – The Nordic bath or hottub for the guest rooms 

The hottub is open all year round and accessible every day from 10 AM to 10 PM. It is necessary to bring your swimsuit. For reasons of hygiene, it is forbidden to eat in the jacuzzi and people with skin diseases or wounds are not allowed access.

Please find the rules below:


For safety and hygiene reasons and to respect the quality of the water, users are required to respect these few rules:

- a shower is obligatory before entering the bath, it is also recommended at the exit to evacuate skin residues and toxins.
- it is forbidden to contaminate the bath water with (soap, perfume, bubble bath, sun cream, massage oil, various solid or liquid products).
- Food products are forbidden in and around the bath.
- Loose-fitting clothes and jewellery are not allowed in the bath.

The recommended duration of a bath session is 50 minutes.
Exceeding 50 minutes may lead to drowsiness and hyperthermia.
The minimum age for bathing is 16 years.
Children under the age of 16 are under the full responsibility of their parents.

For reasons of hygiene, only swimming costumes are allowed, and showering is compulsory before bathing.
- animals are not allowed in the bath.
- it is forbidden to jump in the spa, dive, put your head under water, splash, play ball and make waves.

The jacuzzi spa is not a swimming pool!

- Nordic bathing is not recommended for pregnant women, they are forbidden to people suffering from infectious diseases, skin diseases, obesity, heart and respiratory diseases, hypotension or hypertension, circulatory disorders or diabetes.
- The spa is forbidden to people under medication inducing drowsiness, such as tranquillizers, antihistamines or anticoagulants.
- Persons under medication should consult their doctor before using the spa, due to the risk of drowsiness and changes in heart rate, blood pressure or circulation that are related to the use of therapeutic substances.
- the use of drugs, alcohol or medication before or during the use of the spa and sauna can lead to unconsciousness and a risk of drowning.
- drinking alcohol before or during the spa session is strongly discouraged,
- the owners remind their guests of the lack of supervision of the Nordic bath,
- it is advisable to be serious to avoid any risk of drowning and burns.
- all spa users are advised to be covered by an insurance policy. Civil Liability Defence and Recourse.
- For any possible damage found on the spa, the cost of repairs will be charged to you.

- The owner declines all responsibility in case of accident, burns or drowning.

Article 17 – The swimming pool

The heated outdoor swimming pool is open from May to September. It is accessible every day from 10 AM to 9 PM.

To access the pool, it is necessary to provide :

- Bathing suits and your private towels.

- For reasons of hygiene, people with skin diseases or wounds are not allowed access.

- It is forbidden to eat by the pool.

Rules for families: this area is forbidden to children under 12 years old without the indispensable supervision of a parent. For children who cannot swim, the wearing of armbands (not provided by L'étang de la Tourne) is compulsory.

Article 18 – The parking

Cars are parked in a private outdoor unsupervised car park at about 200m from the property.

Under no circumstances can "L'étang de la Tourne" be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage resulting from the non-respect of users.

Article 19 – Security camera

The house is equipped with a security camera at the entrance of the house. This camera runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The recorded data is automatically deleted after 30 days. The images can be used to justify disrespectful behaviour, damage to equipment in common areas, in the garden or possible theft.

Article 20 – Liability & Photographs

The photographs presented on our booking platform are not contractual. Although every effort is made to ensure that the photographs, graphic representations and texts reproduced to illustrate the establishment give as accurate a picture as possible of the services offered, variations may occur between the time of booking and the day the service is consumed. The establishment cannot be held responsible for the non-execution or poor execution of the reservation in the event of force majeure, due to a third party, on the part of the client, in particular the unavailability of the Internet network, impossibility of access to the website, external intrusion, computer viruses or in the event of prepayment not authorised by the bearer's bank. Any reservation or payment that would be irregular, inoperative, incomplete or fraudulent for a reason attributable to the customer will result in the cancellation of the order at the customer's expense, without prejudice to any civil or criminal action against the latter.

Article 21 – Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers purchased from "L'étang de la Tourne" are valid for one year for the value ordered. They are neither exchangeable nor refundable. They cannot give rise to any monetary consideration. The reservation must be made on the website www.letangdelatourne.com or by phone before the expiry date written on the voucher.
If the amount of the order is higher than the gift voucher, the beneficiary may complete the order by other means of payment. Otherwise, if the amount of the order is less than the value of the gift voucher, L'étang de la Tourne will offer the customer a choice among these services (meal baskets, wine or bubble basket, aperitif basket).
The gift vouchers are sent by post in a simple letter.

Article 22 – Respect for our planet

We attach particular importance to respect for our planet, which is reflected, among other things, in the provision of ecological soap and the changing of towels only when they have been put on the ground. We count on our guests to participate in this commitment by ensuring a reasonable use of water and by taking care to systematically turn off the lights in your room before leaving it.

Article 23 – Lifestyle and use of the premises

You are staying in a guest house and often together with other people, remember that all community life is based on respect for others. Please be as discreet as possible between 10pm and 8am the next day.

You have a key dedicated to your room, in case of loss, reproduction costs are at your charge.

The customer commits himself to return the rooms in perfect condition at the end of the stay and to declare systematically - and to assume financially - any damage for which he would be responsible.

Guests' attention is drawn to the fact that the river that runs through the property is not secured. Children must be kept under adult supervision at all times.

L'étang de la Tourne will not accept any responsibility for loss, theft and/or damage or injury to property and/or persons on the property, whatever the cause.


Article 1 – Cancellation by the customer

Any cancellation must be notified by letter or email to the owner.

Any modification is only possible after the agreement of "L'étang de la Tourne" and may involve additional costs.
We inform you that in case of cancellation of the reservation before the beginning of the stay, it will be due, as a penalty clause by the customer, an indemnity fixed as follows:

*Cancellation for the guest rooms :

- any cancellation more than 15 days prior to your check-in date, your deposit will be refunded in full ;
- any cancellation less than 15 days
prior to your check-in date, will result in the loss of your deposit.

- any cancellation less than 24 hours before the beginning of the stay, will result in the loss of your deposit and the owner  reserves the right to claim the balance of the price of the accommodation.

- If the customer does not show up before 8 PM on the day of the beginning of the stay, this contract becomes null and void and the owner can dispose of his guest rooms. The deposit remains acquired to the owner who reserves the right to claim the balance of the price of the accommodation.

- In the event of a shortened stay, the price corresponding to the cost of the accommodation remains entirely with the owner.

*Cancellation for the Lodge Nature:

- any cancellation more than 60 days prior to your check-in date, your deposit will be refunded in full ;
- any cancellation less than 60 days
prior to your check-in date, will result in the loss of the total payment made to "L'étang de la Tourne".

- If the customer does not show up before 8 PM on the day of the beginning of the stay, this contract becomes null and void and the owner can dispose of his guest rooms. The deposit remains acquired to the owner who reserves the right to claim the balance of the price of the accommodation.

- In the event of a shortened stay, the price corresponding to the cost of the accommodation remains entirely with the owner.

Article 2 – Cancellation by the owner

When the owner cancels the booking before the beginning of the stay, he must inform the client by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt or e-mail. The client will be immediately refunded from the amount paid.